?!Team CaptainAmerica or Team IronMan?!

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Who's Better?

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IronMan 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Captain America 5 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. As You All Might Know The New Movie Captain America Civil War Is Coming Or Here :p I Am I Big Fan Of These Movies So Im Excited To See It!! But There Is Something That Is Spreading The World, Are You Team Captain America Or Team IronMan?!

    I Am Team Captain America <3
    I <3 the Black Panther but he is on IronMan's team but I also love Hawkeye and Cap. So I am Team Captain America!!

    Comment Which Team Your Wither either #TeamCap or #TeamIron
  2. Both my friends went, didnt invite me :I
  3. thats sad ;-;
  4. Iron Man was cooler.

    Captain America is also a walking embodiment of stuff I hate so lol
  5. Definitely TeamCap. And no, I have much deeper reasons that "captn murca iz culr lol". It boils down to who can handle the situations the Avengers go into. The government has already shown it can't be trusted, as it was shown to be easily invaded by Hydra in Winter Soldier. The casualty count of the Avengers movies were very low, given that they were fighting beings bent on total destruction in a heavily crowded area. Bottom line, the Avengers need to stay independent, as they're the ones best equipped to handle the job.
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  6. Meanwhile you have Man of Steel letting an entire city collapse onto itself, probably sending the US into crippling debt and thus the world, yet everything is okay by the next movie, which takes place like a year later.
  7. Why Marvel is so much better than DC in the cinemas.
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  8. Spiderman is my favorite but I gotta go Iron Man over Captain America. I'm hyped for this movie, though.
  9. Hehe, saw it Thursday night at 11:00 o'clock. Before and after I am/was a fan of cap, I find tony is just annoying and cap has scarlet witch.
  10. I don't think that Marvel will ever be able to top the Dark Knight for me. The only way they'd be able to is have a Marvel film directed by Christopher Nolan with a score by Hanz Zimmer (wouldn't be that bad actually) :p