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  1. Anyone have any? :D.
    I have 3 and I'll put pics up tomorrow :)
  2. I have a total offffff 0. :D
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  3. D:WHY. I got my first one when I was 15 :)
  4. i have none. i'm too fickle. i'd get one and hate it next week.
  5. lol that's what you'd think, but it doesn't work like that :p. you feel like they're a part of you and you can always add on to them! :D
  6. my second tattoo. this was a while ago

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  7. Yeah, you love *cellphone-to-mirror* pictures huh? :p
  8. all i've got xD. nobody takes pictures of me haha. i guess it could be confused with me being conceited though xD