Tasty Turkey Month!

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  1. Ah, November. A time for joy and giving thanks for all the good things in our lives.
    For putting an ugly, oversized bird in the oven and incinerating it to golden-brown deliciousness.
    For spending quality time with your family and loved ones -
    or at least putting up with them for a while, so they don't gift you a box of coal a month later ;)

    So how does your Thanksgiving play out? Feel free to share your stories, traditions, or favorite / most-hated parts of the holiday. And for you non-Americans, discussion of other November holidays (such as Remembrance for UK/Aus) are also welcome.

    And if you work retail and this is just "Christmas, Part 1" to you? I am so, so sorry...
  2. Hmm, remembrance day. Don't really do much about that
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  3. Remembrance day is to have poppies everywhere and at 11am just a few minutes of silence.
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  4. I'm from the UK so uh, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving but who doesn't like a bit of turkey? c:

    As for Remembrance Day, it's mostly just artificial poppies spread everywhere and a few minutes of silence, but it all has great meaning!
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  5. I only have one comment, I love the slowly cooked Bird with marinated sauce......
    Sadly, People have started to catch and eat Phoenix's for ThanksGiving!!!!! That must be stopped by Goblins who actually also eat birds soo I don't really want to share what would happen.
  6. Must brine turkey. While drinking a glass of wine of course.
  7. I think I have the Tasty and Turkey parts down..
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  8. I just brought up Remembrance as an example, and an attempt to be inclusive of nations where Turkey Day is not necessarily a thing (you poor, poor souls).

    Now we just have to figure out a way to make it last all month... *noms very slowly*
  9. Hopefully, thanksgiving for me will consist of hunting down and butchering whatever special thanksgiving mob Aikar adds this year while munching cranberry sauce and rolls. :)
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  10. PIE! My mom and I mand make delicious pies the night before Thanksgiving every year. Usually two pumpkins and either a cherry or a blueberry pie, plus one other, (Cranberry-Pecan, Apple, or Mince Meat for my grandmother :confused:) Rolling out the pie crust is really tricky, but my mom is a pro at it. The fruit pie is my favorite! :D
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  11. I have a slight obsession with mashed potatoes, so I consume large quantities of those on Thanksgiving, and then later force down some pumpkin pie :p
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  12. An old babysitter of mine had a pretty cool thanksgiving tradition. Every thanksgiving her entire family would go to her grandma's for thanksgiving. When the meal was ready they would all sit down and wait, when the oldest member of the family was ready they would reach into the closest bowl of food and throw it across the table, after that it was on. The whole family had to participate in the food fight every year and they had a whole backup meal for after the food fight. The food fight only consisted of dry and solid items (no mashed potatoes or turkey) but apparently it was her favorite part of thanksgiving.
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  13. That isn't as weird as someone who looked at a cow and said, "I wonder what it would be like to drink that thing's milk."
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  14. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is eating cranberry sauce. My least favorite part is the one after I ate all the cranberry sauce.

    <3 Cranberry Sauce
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  15. St. Martin's Day! Do you celebrate this day in your country?
    In Germany we have a similar day as Remembrance Day. It's called Volkstrauertag (People's Mourning Day) and It commemorates all those who died in armed conflicts or as the victims of violent oppression. This year it's on 15th Nov (each year on the 2nd Sunday before Advent).
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  16. I'm from the UK, so I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Like, at all. I 'take part' in Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day, though... so this is a month of paper poppies and silence and commemoration for me.

    It's also a month of lighting fires and setting off fireworks. And also chucking straw thingies resembling a terrorist into a bonfire. Pretty much celebrating that James VI, who basically caused America's existence, created Great Britain, and essentially created the United Kingdom, wasn't killed in a terrorist plot and Catholics didn't take us over :p

    ^Australia and New Zealand celebrate this, too. I'm pretty sure Canada don't. I have no idea about the Commonwealth guys in the Caribbean, Africa, or Asia, though.