Taste the Freedom Steak

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  1. This is a Taste The Freedom Steak. I have a few questions to ask about.

    1. Is there a link to this item on the promotional items list? If so, where? (I'm having trouble finding it)
    2. Is this it auction-able? If so, is there a requirement to the amount that I can auction off?
    3. How rare is this item? I forgot how long ago this item came out. I almost wanna say last year in the year 2014 but I'm not quite sure.

    If I have more questions about it, I will ask as I think of them.
    1. http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/taste-the-freedom/ Type the item you want to see into the search bar of the Wiki tab and it'll come up :) It's a special event item
    2. It is auction-able, check the community auction rules, I'm pretty sure it's allowed in any quantity but I recommend checking it (someone else will likely confirm that for me)
    3. It was available in both 2014 and 2015 by killing cows in the wild, I expect that there will be a good lot floating around now :D
    Hope this helps
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  2. Thank you FDNY21
  3. The minimum that you can auction is one stack.
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  4. I have a few stacks myself. Not to brag but i put them on display in a preview chest at 9272, smp4
  5. Are you sure? I just checked auction rules and it says the special event items are available to auction in any quantity unless stated otherwise. I do not see anywhere where it says otherwise.

    Only special mob drops need to be auctioned off in DC quantities. ICC Flesh and Skin are listed as special event items, not special mob drops, so I believe that they are in fact available in any quantity...


  6. Special Mob Drops
    Any item classified under Special Mob Drops may be auctioned off with a minimum of 64 (1 stack), unless otherwise specified.
  7. You're completely correct. I was thinking for some stupid reason that we were talking about ICC Flesh and Skin. My apologies.
  8. Dang... I thought it would make it have the box from the wiki :mad:
  9. Afaik there's no way to get that box to appear without making separate pages for all of them. I'm pretty sure those are done through templates, and those can't be used on the forums. (The rules are on a Wiki page.)
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