TARDIS Remodel

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  1. Yes, it is that time! The TARDIS at 3004 is in dire need of a remodel and updates galore.

    Therefore, move perms have been removed and the work has begun to design a newer better version of your favorite SMP2 store.

    No, I do not know when I will be opening back up, but I promise I will do my best to be back ASAP.

    Please be prepared for me to be spending bunches of money on materials once i figure out what I need to buy... :)
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  2. I can sell you some blue wool if you need it! let me know
  3. Please add redstone blocks >.>
  4. I will be. One of the many items I am updating with.
  5. :p I know, you aren't only remodel the outside, but also adding new items :)
  6. I'm only updating the inside =P Outside stays the same
  7. Let me know if you need anything
  8. Cool! I'll make a small rupee donation when I get on! ;)
  9. Will you be adding mob heads?:D
  10. I dont know yet. I might try to get at least the zombie and skele heads, but creepers etc, we shall see...
  11. Yay Go Krysyy!!
  12. Hmm. The I'm not sure I like that Doctor... Guess I'm not used to him yet :p
  13. Who is docter who? Haahaha Xd get it?
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