[TALE] How The Wither Became The Wither

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a castle in The Nether defended of its precious quartz by blazes, wither skeletons, and magma cubes.

    Meanwhile in The Overworld, Baradar67 the enchanter, Hawkeye1954 the trader, and We3_Nub the builder were like, "We need experience and quartz!" They made a portal and popped up in the worst spot: the nether castle.

    There was a great battle, and 3 wither skeletons escaped into The Overworld. They were soon caught by Dramanya the Ice Queen, and it wasn't pretty...

    Dramanya used her magic to confine the 3 wither skeletons into a single body: The Wither! Then ArchdukeMelon fed this boss to get it up to full health, and BreezyMan used his windy magic to make it fly! It began causing grief across the land, and staff couldn't ban it because it is a mob. So BreezyMan used his mighty wind magic to push the evil Wither through an end portal.

    The Wither eventually made a friend in The End -- The Ender Dragon. They were both bosses with a destructive force, so they had much in common!
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