Taking Pictures using Chunky rendering!

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  1. Hey guys. So I am using Chunky pic rendering and seem to have got it down. I'll make pictures for you if you want them. Just tell me the Res #, Server and Where in the res you want the picture (Post a picture of the place where you want me to stand using imgur.com). I'll do em for free and if you feel like I did an adequate job pay me what you like if you like. I'm doing one in the mornings (EST) and later at night so most likely 2-3 a day. Here is an example of some that I just did yesterday.

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  2. *EDIT* Post your Moniter's Screen resolution if you want it to be a background otherwise I will use a 600x600 Picture
  3. These are nice. Once I get my res done I'll be sure to get one of these from you.
  4. Biscuity Bump
    Pick cool things.
  5. Can you do the statues at 4317, and the castle at 4116?
  6. What texture pack is that?
  7. Default. He is using chunky to make em pretty
  8. Yeah thats nice
  9. Kirby post a pic of where you want them taken from on your res
  10. Hmm... The castle should be from where the chests are in the edge of the res, facing the gate. As for the statues, take them from on top of the dirt spawn point.
  11. Something along the lines of this, so you have a good view of Ash on the right.
    And then another one exactly like that, but on the other side, so you can see Samus.
    *EDIT* Screen resolution is 1366x768
  12. Those are really good!
  13. Kirby I am going to be now. Setting up one now and then one in the morning my time. Should have both for you by tomorrow afternoon.
  14. Took a photo dump (a preview) of Eclipsys skull on smp3 {/v eclipsys 3} here is one about 30 seconds through.
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  15. Yea I'm making a few for the LLO...
    Chunky is amazing and even better when you have a fiddle with the settings!

  16. This one is still rendering to 10,000 SPP (FYI it's at 950 and it has 9 hours to go :D)
  17. Do you need to take the screencap? I have one in single player...
  18. He needs the world save. THe screen shot is to show him/her what view to render.
  19. Do you know how I can give him the world save thru mediafire or something?
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