Taking people heads!

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  1. Hey guys, I want to gather as many as people heads as I possibly can! So here what will happen.. I will hand you a voucher.. this voucher can be redeemed at a later time for me to give you one of my heads. I want to fill up my wall! Go to res 2101 and drop in the hopper :)
  2. :p ill go get one"
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  3. What is the best way to get one?
    Because I have killed myself literally around 30 times and haven't got one.
  4. Yay :D
  5. Do it 31 times.
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  6. Die, die again, and die some more. I believe it's a 2% chance for it to drop, although I'm not sure. I'll check the wiki later for the Wither Skull drop rate, I'm pretty sure it's the same.
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  7. the hopper is full
  8. You are a sick, sick boy, Bunkerllama... :D
  9. I kno ;) but.. Dudelol523 and I have made a "head collector". It seems to average 1 head per 10 deaths.
  10. How to obtain heads?

    And when did this feature get added? :3
  11. Must. Get. My Head. Must. Kill. Myself. For. Head.
  12. We are getting a 4/50 drop rate. Meaning 4 heads per 50 deaths
  13. Still taking heads please! I have 13 more to go!
  14. 13 more of my heads to trade so far.
  15. I'll trade one next chance I get :)
    Only a few days ago, the forums have been full of it.

    Also, the chances are 2.5% so 1 in 40, you will always get those odds, anything better than that is down to luck, not a good design.
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  16. Ok let me know when you are ready to trade :)
  17. SO, i have to kill myself on EMC to obtain a head.
  18. Yes. A lot. :p
  19. The wall has grown :) Keep them coming guys! 2013-06-19_20.41.44.png
  20. That is correct, for your own plater head anyway.