Taking Out Ghast's

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  1. This is something I'm not to worried about but, every time I go to the Nether to get Glowstone inevitably A Ghast kills me I've onlly had one succes out of the 12 times I've been there and I almost died that time just saying maybe you could take them out or could someone leave a comment on how to kill them cause I don't
  2. It's a survival server so I don't think that taking out mobs because they are too difficult to deal with is going to work. You can kill them with a bow and arrow and also with melee weapons if they are close enough. You are also able to deflect their fireballs when they shoot them at you to help save your health.
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  3. Seriously?

    But anyway it would be no fun without them.
  4. Yup, I always found the easiest way was to have a bow and a bunch of arrows. They go down pretty fast when you lock on to them.
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  5. Thx thats all I really wanted to Know I didnt know you could Kill them. Once Again THX