Taking Offers - Krysyy PvP Head

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  1. Taking offers for a Krysyy PvP Head. Might sell for a good price.

    PM me to negotiate.

  2. ^^I'll give 2r... Much more compared to others!
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  3. A total of 5r... No more, no less.
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  4. Can we not do this? It's spam, useless, been done a thousand times before, and irrelevant.
  5. 250, any ideas how many there are?
  6. As far as I'm aware, there's 7 that say "Krysyy" in the lore. The rest say "Krysyyjane" in the lore.
  7. I believe krysyy mentioned last night that she replaced the krysyy Jane ones and now they are all krysyy.
  8. Ah okay.