Taking a break.

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  1. Just thought I should let you all know that I'm taking a break for a while, the reason for this is that I'm now putting most of time into a pvp server and a few things have come up in my personal life.
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  2. Server advertising!!! :mad:
  3. really?
  4. DogsRNice: *Reads Chascarrillo's rage post* *Doesn't read gray text*
    QUAD Facepalm.jpg
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  5. i was referring to the "jk":rolleyes:
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  6. Sure...
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  7. Let us know when you come back. Breaks are needed every now and then. Good luck to you IRL.
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  8. Mostly with homework.;)
  9. StarTrekFacePalm.gif
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  10. Actually I'm on break right now.
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  11. Whats this homework you speak of? :p
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  12. It partners with the devil :p
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  13. Have a good one ;)
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