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  2. bumprumpfump(forrest)gumplumpjump :)
  3. I am surprised that this has so many signatures :confused:
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  4. I'm not. The Scottish government treats the city I was born in and live on the outskirts of better than the British government. It makes sense that, if Scotland were to leave the United Kingdom, a lot of Northerners would want to go with them. I honestly can't see Scotland becoming independent within my lifetime, though - they want to stay in the United Kingdom, but under a fairer government, which they stopped themselves from getting last month. And thanks to the party they let win the election, they're not getting another referendum for a looong time.
  5. The north should become independent.
  6. How about they just create their own country called Northofenglandland
  7. +1 to this. The North has radically different political views to Southern England, yet the South has more people and will forever vote Conservative.
    Or, y'know, reform the Kingdom of Mercia. Or call ourselves 'The North' and get sued by George R.R Martin :p
  8. Northumberland should be our name!
  9. But that was too Northern and Norwegian :p