take the dirt

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  1. rules no beaing indestructible
    the dirt is indestructible
    no making new dirt
    no stuff like "its my dirt because im cool lol!!!!"
    have fun!!!:D
    i will start i dig up dirt i now have one dirt
  2. .... < that's all I got say about this thread
  3. new rule only post if its about taking the dirt
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  5. Okay when I see dirt I replace it with diamond block so the view is better
  6. why do people do this:(
  7. Okay then, whatever floats your boat.
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  9. ok fine batman sneaks up behind me and steals it batmans dirt
  10. i give up...:(
    batman drops the dirt my dirt!!!
  11. Makes thread about dirt it's like kiltz paint drying. So much going on there
  12. next time edit OP and make it more clear what your thread is about, from what I can collect you have a residence that has open perms so people can dig out your res...
  13. Instead of giving the build flag to everyone, you could always just give the destroy flag (/res set destroy true).
    That way others can only remove dirt, and not place anything. :)
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  14. How did ya'll get that out of the OP!?!?!
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  15. No dirt= no wood
    no wood= no home
    no home= no shop
    no shop= no money (except for daily login bonus)
    no money= no food
    no food= no life
    no life= death
    In the end... Dirt is important!
  16. New dirt can be made because if someone claims a res, digs the dirt out, and disclaims it then the dirt respawns. :rolleyes: