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  1. So I decided to make a ice farm cause I was bored, and so I made a 60x60 ice farm in a taiga biome. when I finished I afked for a bit (4hours) and when I came back no ice has formed what so ever.
    heres a screenshot:
    Res is 18345
    Ive tried making the farm deeper. And no the glowstone from the sidewalk SHOULD not affect it cause its more then 5 blocks away. So i ask, bug or did ice spawning change?
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  2. What is the bottom made of?
    Also, ice needs a block to attach to, meaning a side. The glowstone appears to be affecting it as well. Also, were you afk, or were you offline?
  3. -bottom is dirt
    -the water is attached to the sandstone of the sidewalk (ive also tried making a smaller circle in the middle of the res)
    -the glowstone dont affect acuse it melts in a 5 block radius, the glowstone is 6 blocks away from the water.
    -i was online

    Ive already researched all of this
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  4. - Glowstone and other heat sources should not affect it on a res in town.
    - And yes, you need a block for the ice to form against (but it should still have formed around the edges where there was a block beside it)
    - Maybe with 1.7.2 update, or even due to town res weather, the temperature isn't low enough for ice to form. In 1.7.2 you can get non-cold Taiga's. MEaning, you get the taiga biome, but ice will not form due to the warmer temperature 1.7.2 introduced.

    I'd recommend PM'ing Aikar to get a respons eon this. he might know more what is going on with Town res's, and what rules they follow with biomes/temperature.
  5. Oh yeah. I remember.
    With 1.7, the taiga lost its ice ability. You need a new snow biome, like ice spikes.
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  6. Try putting a single ice block in the middle of the res. Ice should grow outward from there over time.
    Not sure why it's not working as is, though.
    Edit: What he said, I guess. ^^^
    Darn. I own a taiga res :(
  7. So im guessing tiaga, cant form ice no more >.> zzzz darn

    Tried that also :p
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  8. PM a senior staff they could fix it for you for 20k
  9. nah, not gonna blow 20k on something i was planning to just make public lol anyways thanks for your responses guys. ima just unclaim and wait for a open plot :p
  10. A cold Taiga can form ice in the wild in 1.7.2 chunk. I can confirm that. And it still forms against a solid block, i can also confirm that.

    I'm sure the reason it isn't forming in town is an obvious one that Aikar will advise you on. :)
  11. yes but my res is not a cold taiga its a regular taiga and regular taiga are .25 deg ice only forms in .15 or less deg now :p
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  12. Bummer. :( do we even HAVE cold Taiga's in town? Or are they all the old normal Taiga?
  13. yes there are still biomes that form ice in town :p they are:

    • Frozen River
    • Ice Plains
    • Ice Plains Spikes
    • Cold Beach
    • Cold Taiga
    • Cold Taiga M
    Ive seen some ice plains but im still looking for the others
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  14. You want be able to find the rest because the town world was not generated in 1.7
  15. unfortunately, true :(
  16. Now Ice forms at a certain height instead of biome dependancy
  17. i dont get why people keep saying it depends on height, ive been over the wiki couple times, all it says is that it depends on the "temp" of the biome that its in
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  18. Ice only above y90 in extreme hills biomes and all cold biomes
  19. its becuse in 1.7.4 taigas were no longer "cold" and it now rains there insted of snows, so look for an ice plains biome insted to make your ice farm