Tah's Introduction

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  1. Introduction

    Hello everyone, I am Tah. I am a weird
    person. I am passionate at writing, swimming, architecture (Interior/Remodelling,
    and of course playing Minecraft. I have been playing
    Minecraft for a nearly two years now. The two years were mostly
    spent on this amazing server. I am in love with promos,
    but mostly with this community. I play the violin and I
    have been playing it 6 years already.
    I love sports,
    basically any kind. I'm good at making people smile
    or laugh, I hope it's true, Or the people just
    pretend that my jokes are funny :eek:. I love
    everything that has to do with the economy.
    Well thats basically all I can tell about myself.


    “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
  2. SirTah Is So Nice And Always Gives Back To The Communty And He Is The Bestest Friend I Could Ever Wish For! :D ^_^
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  3. Strip you've done nothing but help the community anyway you can and for that I thank you so much

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  4. I'm just kidding. I'm glad a awesome and honest dude like you is part of our community!
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  5. Im glad you're part of EMC. You're nice and believe in being confident in yourself and others. This Has Been Kittensse Approved. :);):p *Big Thumbs Up*
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  6. I love your message, I've seen how you have changed A lot and I really appreciate that! :)
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  7. Thank you for being open and honest about what you have done. I am looking forward to meeting the new you, and seeing how you have changed! We love you, SirTah.
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  8. Recognizing your mistakes is the first step in growing beyond.
  9. Nice....

    Just remember,

    Living the past is not living at all.... living the next day without knowing what is to come is living.
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