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  1. Set this as your avatar and something
    might appear in your mail...
    If you want more tell me the definition
    of a "Tah"......

    (The Definition is somewhere on the Forums, I bet Todd_Vinton knows it, shhh)
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  2. A Phoenix and Goblin come together to create a Tah!!!
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  3. tah means total abdominal hysterectemy
    tah also means thanks
    it was the first word ever spoken by humans
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  4. wow a pot of gold! thanks!
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  5. That would be 'ta' ;)
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  6. an abbreviation of thanks is tah
  7. Did et!

    Do I win something? ;o
  8. I like how you were the only one willing to do it.
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  9. idk how to copy the image :/
  10. inb4 I change back :rolleyes:
  11. Yep you all won something.....
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  12. i did it to yeeaaa
  13. I price will appear
  14. Nothing appeared in my mail.
  15. I am not on I will mail when I am done with school work.
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  16. Alright, patiently I shall wait :p
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  17. "Tah" spelled backwards is "hat".

    Hats are cool.
    There are many types of hats.

    And more...
    You catch my drift.