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  1. hey guys!

    i was messing around with spreadshirt, and look what i put together! http://www.spreadshirt.com/design-your-own-t-shirt-C59 its a tad expensive ($41), but what a great way to get new members! minecon with this shirt anyone? just trowing it out there,


    EDIT: link not working, emc logo on front, list of stuff we have on back... black shirt
  2. The link just takes us to the editor. Not the tshirt.
  3. Maybe you could take a screenshot of it and upload that?
  4. Here's an idea I have for one, only $23 dollars.
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  5. Very nice
  6. You need to resize the EMC logo in Paint.Net or whatever you use to 2000R to make it work.
  7. i got a diff logo: EMC-LARGE.png