T he Bear HQ

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  1. Hey guys,

    Some of you know i created a base in the wild/frontier. I have locked my only chest so NO one can steal from me. Please don't grief or steal because i spent 24 hours on this project. if a creeper bows up please fix it or re-build it...

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now There are coloured sections And i will tell you about them now..

    blue what is founder and leader ( beardude123) and can be awarded

    Purple People who are welcome anytime

    green people from other frontier bases

    White what is for V.I.P ( Can be awarded or can buy for 500r )

    if you want to be wanna those please message me when I'm online.. or leave a comment on the thread because it will make sense

    Thank you


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  2. What are the perks of being VIP?
  3. More access to stuff