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  1. Recently, the leader of the T.E.S. Guild has stated:

    We, the Delta Team have decided to help this large comunity of players and we are purposing a "merge"
    This is an invitation for any member of the T.E.S. Guild, to join and lead our wilderness projects, in this thread i will explain what you (as a T.E.S. member) could win, and what we could win with this 'merge'.

    1st. - The Delta Team.

    The Delta Team it's a huge comunty (still on Beta) that works to make the best Guild around the Empire Minecraft Servers, our more than 30 registered members are great players who want to join some group experience and grow together with eachother.
    We have many stuff to show about us, here some examples:
    - Delta Team private forums (everyone can access, but only members can read and post in there) which is: www.mcdeltateam.com
    - Unique ID via signature, which updates with skin changes and has a nice design by me (copherfield) :) [http://tools.mcdeltateam.com/signature/?user=(usernamehere)]
    - Creative MC server for any kind of creation that must be done with help of other DT members, which also it's being hosted and maintained by us.
    - Delta Team HeadQuarters (Design by copherfield and eclipsys) which are being built, with more than 20 rooms available for members, which has all the posible comfort and facilities for the members
    - Guild resources avaluated on more than 60k rupees <--- this are used for comunity buildings and group activities
    - Even more!

    2nd. - What we hope from T.E.S. members

    The Delta Team always it's looking for merges and helping other players, by different observations we hope to find on the T.E.S. members a great knowledge on wilderness living and surviving, joining that together with our professionalism we hope to grow bigger and better.

    3rd. - Staff positions

    We will test the current staff members of the T.E.S. Guild, if they pass some tests (for trust and great knowledge around staff position) this ones will be converted into Delta Team Staff Member Positions.

    4th. - Buildings and resources

    Will be shared with both new and old DT members.

    5th. - How to join the Delta Team, and be part of this merge?

    Go to http://mcdeltateam.com and register.
    Navigate into forums and look for "membership form" fill it and then send us a PM or let us know as soon as you do so.
    Send us a PM informating your staff position and anything you want us to know
    Add me (copherfield) in skype (my username it's copherfield also :) ) To join the Group Chat
    Follow me via EMC forums to know more about and have the last updates


    We want to help you guys, not only to help you, but also to help us. We can grow bigger and better ;)
    Also, AlexHalloon applied to be a Delta Team member, just a reminder :p
    The wilderness project will be leaded by old T.E.S. members, and they will show nice ways to survive there.

    Please consider not posting any offensive ideas here, if you don't like this at all please avoid posting also. This is a friendly thread and it's purposes are not to generate a negative discussion around this all.
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  2. Thanks! Im in the Diamond Miners group serving as an ambassador to other wild groups and guilds. Could I join? Ill register, could I get a Delta Team sig with "Ambassador" On it?
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  3. Im a delta team builder!!!!!!

    I think...
  4. Ok just to keep this clean and updated: I have nothing to do with any troubles inside T.E.S. and as far as i know none of my staff members does. We will just stay 1 step away of any kind of trouble that has nothing to do with us, and we will keep those troubles away also.
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  5. Cool, I want to be in charge of trade with other clans, like mining and trading the ores for more food for wild excursions. Go to Diamond Miner topic (it should be on recent threads) to hear Djozanes "side" of the story.
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  6. Although I don't wish to officially "commit" to an organization, my usual co-build partner and survivalist is on vacation (and his interest seems to have shifted away from EMC anyhow). I wonder if it'd be possible to establish a small home within "convenient traveling distance" and offer resources, trades, and assistance with nearby wilderness communes? Bottom line, it's lonely and somewhat pointless living 15k out in the back end of nowhere with no neighbors. Sure there hasn't been any griefing either, but it's gotten awfully dull.
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  7. can i be the leader of the wild group i found tes island :)
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  8. Please follow point 5 of this thread and will see :)
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  9. If you carry on the way you are for some reason I can picture you being about 10-12 years old by the way you talk in writing :p
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  10. Im 12 years old and I talk like a normal person...
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  11. i'm 15 and i'm not so good at English so sorry :p
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  12. Ah that makes sense well I hope you like it here :)

    also you should be able to get the job you want as long as you work hard :)
    I had to do quite allot to get the where I am :)
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  13. i work hard on minecraft :D a lot of my real life time :p

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