Swords & Potions 2

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1 or 2?

1 3 vote(s) 37.5%
2 5 vote(s) 62.5%

  1. If you clicked this thread because you played the first sword & potion let it be known S&P2 is alot better yet different in many ways.
    If you haven't played it yet I recommend going to kongregate to play it so your not a "guest". After you try it out and if you like it alot send me your IGN so I can add you to my private city so we can work together and get boosted resource production (after 30 minutes of playing you will see why a small private town that communicates is alot better than a full pub).
    This thread will also server as a thread to talk about this game.
    (this game is free and in browser with microtransactions (that are more contained that the original S&P) but not pay to win overall, only 1 premium recipe and premium can be earned through daily rewards slowly or through dungeons)
    That is all, Happy playing!
  2. When you say in-game name, you mean the Kongregate name, mine is jtc0999 :p
  3. my Kongregate name is Champ4now :p , I sent you an invite to my city, once 2 more people join I'll set up a conversation on this site as our way to communicate
  4. I got a group invite tis' all.
  5. to a town called EMC? :p
  6. Yes... :p
  7. Ehm.... I need a new internet game.
    Should I try?
    Can you summarize the game in two sentences?
  8. A mouse only, free to play, browser, business and time management game. It is easier than the original since you can't go bankrupt and less premiums than the original also, now its just pay to speed up, also towns that can hold 12 people which I'm trying to make.
  9. You run your own shop where you sell items to adventures.
    It's challanging but entertaining at the same time.
  10. yet anoother bump, 10 places left in the city, I need fabric for my tailor, waffles, derp pig, this game is fun come play, and finally I saw a couple of votes for 1.... come on try the sequel its more... flexible....
  11. This is good practice for your summer internship this coming summer at QuarterStop Inc. I'm proud! This might raise your pay!
  12. I shall try this game
  13. I knew you would come and say something about the "internship".....
  14. Hahaha, send me a link to the game I'll check it out.
  15. Im Bracko. I'll join
  16. sent request i think....... 9 spots left
    this game is fun :)
  17. So far it's me and smile?
  18. smile? whatever I got an A++ rating from paying half of the leather upgrade :p