Sword Art Online Translations... :c

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  1. Hey everyone! Some of you may know of the recently aired dubbed anime Sword Art Online on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Now, since it's dubbed, they've removed the subtitles and Japanese speaking and replaced it with English words and no subtitles (except for the rare sign or caption hard-boiled into the anime). But, apparently, Americans cannot do a simple task of repeating words that pop up on a screen. No, we just had to "improvise" and change the beautiful Japanese dialogue into our version of it. It would be much better if the dubbed version of Sword Art Online had the *exact* or near to exact English dialogue as the Japanese dialogue. Of course, most animes aren't 100% accurate with the Japanese dialogue, sure, but Sword Art Online? It changed the most that I could barely keep up with it. Now, keep in mind that this is my own opinion, so if you have a different opinion, that's completely fine with me. You think it's good the way it is? Perfect! You think they suck, too? Great! But I think that the dub of Sword Art Online should be the same as the subbed version of SAO (abbreviating for space's sake). Episode 1's subbed version is here, and its dubbed version is here. Now, if you can, play them both at once, with the sub muted, and tell me that the dub matches up with, or at least almost makes as much sense as the subtitles in the subbed version. ...I'm waiting... See? You can't say it cuz it's not true. Well, thanks for reading my little rant. See ya later!
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