Sweet Home Adventure Map Progress Thread

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  1. A lot of folks want to know when I will release the "Sweet Home" adventure map, so I made this forum to post any news about the map.
    I will post:
    -Photos of progress (Spoiler Free)
    -News on any new enclosed features.
    -Misc. News on the map

    There will be two releases:

    Standard will contain the map and the texture pack.
    Plus will include the map, texture pack, links to the movie, the Sweet Home soundtrack , the original Japanese version of the ROM plus an English fan-translation, facts about Sweet Home, and other goodies relating to the map.

    This forum is open to any questions and comments. Thanks! :)
  2. First off, the map won't be released until the next Minecraft update is launched.
  3. second off, theres an edit button :p
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  4. That wasn't meant to be in the intro to the thread friend. lol
  5. 2012-06-10_17.05.44.png
    Pre-texture pack shot of the back of the house.
    (Subject to change.)
  6. The texture pack may not be suitable for anything else but the map. Most textures are mixed and don't accurately portray what they are. Textures in this pack are ripped from Sweet Home for NES.
  7. Attention to all who plan to download Plus, links to the movie are included, but if you don't handle violence well, it is advised that you don't watch it. The movie is rated E18 in Japan (Equal to R in America) for violence and gore. However, if you can watch E18/R rated films, then I encourage you to watch it.
  8. Looks cool!
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  9. 2012-05-20_16.37.02.png
    Pre-Texture pack shot of the Mamiya Mansion
    Walls subject to change.