Swapping Residences

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by RexBulby, May 2, 2012.

  1. Is it possible to switch residences with another Empire user? Obviously both parties would have to agree.
  2. Nope. Sorry, but there is no way :(
  3. This, although if you ask a admin RREEAAALLLYYY nicely there's a small chance they might be able to do it. No guarantees though.
  4. There is no way of 'swapping' residences... If you mean the location then it is only possible by packing everything you own into your vault both unclaiming residences and going to eachothers and claiming. If you want to have everything you built in that location it simply isn't possible. If you wanted eachothers whole residences and own eachothers work then the best I can say is to give eachother every flag and maybe even remove the real residences owners flags but that seams a bit risky... Generally the simplest answer is NO!
  5. They can't -- it's been asked several times, and there is no way to make this happen.
  6. I'm actually quite surprised at this. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. I didnt mean moving residences, but switching ownership of a residence. Sorry if that was unclear.
  8. I think it is probably technically possible, but I reckon it would require a pile of manual configuration, so would take time and effort to do. If it's open to all comers, it would be overwhelming very quickly. I guess maybe if enough people wanted to do it, they could introduce it as a paid service to help support. I'd pay a few $ if it was going to save me building a whole res.

    It would be nice to be able to pay to have your res moved to another plot too...
  9. I think it's strange that this isn't possible. You'd think it wouldn't take more than changing the "ownership" property of a town residence to another player. How is it much different than when a residence goes from being unowned to being owned? Only difference being going from being owned by one player to another.
  10. I'd actually be really surprised if there wasn't an admin command for this and it just isn't used. For example, I presume the /shop was built by JustinGuy (or ICC) but it says it belongs to EMC_Shop.
  11. Technically anything is possible, but the resident system wasn't created to do this specific task, so it would take Justin going into some back databases and manually doing edits. As you can imagine this would become very time consuming if we allowed it and took requests for it. While I can see the reason for it, there are other things on the improvement plate of EMC that takes priority over this. Sorry.