[SWAPPING] anything for rupees or iron ingots

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  1. i will swap anything that i have for money or iron

    here are the offers i have at the moment

    1 melon block for 2r
    3 melon blocks for 1 iron ingot
    1 compass for 50r
    1 compass for 8 iron
    1 bucket for 10r
    1 bucket for 2 iron
    1 lapis block for 25r
    1 lapis block for 5 iron

    there all the offers i have at the moment

    please say what you want and i will check if i have it then i will say the price in rupees or iron ingots

  2. hmm well How about I donate 500r and you give me that in Lapis blocks?
  3. i have 5 lapis blocks