[Susgestion] A way to Clearing blocks in nether and Wild

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Good idea or nah

Yes 5 vote(s) 27.8%
Nah 12 vote(s) 66.7%
Banana's am i right? 6 vote(s) 33.3%
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  1. As alot of people know already you can clear your whole res of its dirt without having to do anything, all you have to do is ask a senior Staff member to do it and you pay 60k or with the dirt tick tock thing.
    Well was if there was a way to clear and certin ammount of area in the nether or wild, to bed rock? it would get rid of alot of work and hassle of digging the area out. it would likely cost more rupees to do it but it would help clear the area out.
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  2. been suggested, most people are for it but the overall consensus is staff does not world edit in wild
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  3. Maybe when dragon tombs come out.. Or just outposts.
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  4. i had look in the Susgesstions didnt see it woopsy
  5. It feels more like that massive digging is lots of damage in wilderness. Not sounds a good idea.
    Besides, the materials are very usefull you dig up for later use.
  6. This isn't something we want to provide because the wild is meant to be the survival side of things, and its harder to zone off sections of the wild to target with worldedit.

    In town, its clear what part is yours, and your the one true owner.
    In the wild, its trickier... what if some players stuff is in the radius? Even in an established outpost where the leader wants it done, its still morally questionable to just go wiping out sections of land that one of your members (or an unsuspecting stranger) then has their items wiped away.
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  7. For reasons mentioned above, the wilds should be as vanilla as can be. This helps encourage effort into builds, layout, and environmental synergy/awareness.
  8. I think we should go with Bitemenows idea. Staff makes a stair way to all tunnels within 120x120 so we can light them up/slab them.
  9. i had it where it was just a 1 wide hole you could fall down
  10. I like the fact the player has to work to make the farm, I prefer it the way it is now.
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  11. World edit has been linked to global warming.:p
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  12. and so has the millions of furnaces everywhere, but we don't complain
  13. Also makes holes in the Ozone layer and mutilates cows.