Surviving 10 seconds has never been this hard.

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  1. while its loading, I'm guessing super hexagon?
    EDIT: I called it!
    EDIT, AGAIN!: I didn't call it :(
  2. nope. normal hexagon.
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  3. I spent like 10 minutes trying, could not even survive 8 seconds. I rage quit
  4. lol I made it to the 5 level once :p I fail everytime so I don't know how I did it
  5. I got too 184 so far ^-^
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  6. I got to 7 seconds. yay.
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  7. 1:84 or 184:00?
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  8. e.e silly phone.
    1:34 :p
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  9. It is so addicting...

    This thread should have been titled "For those who love to rage..."
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  10. I made it to level two and after a few tries managed to pass my old record of 13.47
    I got to 16.something.
    I don't like this game.
  11. 20 seconds on 10th attempt :p
  12. The game decided to be a jerk, and made me 1 milli-second off... Twice.. However, I have officially made it to 11:41 seconds!
  13. Oh...
    I was hoping we could race to 200 seconds... :p
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    This is amazing.
  15. I feel satisfied with my 34:10 seconds now.
  16. 12.05 Seconds...
    And does the music/sounds seem similar to those from Wipeout Fury and Wipeout HD?
  17. I raged so hard.
  18. I got 12 seconds xD
  19. 8 seconds ohh yeah