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  1. so there ar many servers around that have survival games in and i notice thay are almost always full but that also thay do mostly contain the same maps so how about adding a survival games server with maps made by us of the empire. im shour it wouldnt be to hard to add as there are even youtubers out there with little intel who have servers for it. that being said im shout theres already programs for it just need to add it to maps lets see what you all thing espicaly admins

    sorry about any spelling mistakes lol
  2. well if your asking for pvp its a no, but aikar is making a pvp setver
  3. I have a survival games server, if you would like to play PM me
  4. 1. Your Grammar is umm... I don't think the mods would approve is my choice of words so lets just call it a W.I.P
    2. What would make you think that the Empire would just follow? The Empire tries to be VERY Unique and provides a experience you don't find anywhere else.
    Also if you want a survival games server decrypt this code:
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  5. I'm making the EMC Survival Games at the moment. It is custom made maps with games hosted by Golfer. If you would like to join round two your welcome to.
  6. Apart from a lack of punctuation and capitalization, there's very little wrong with the actual grammar in the post.