Survival Games 4 - Right now!

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  1. Hey guys, maybe most of you know it already, but Vareide not too long ago.
    I guess I'm actually really late to do this, but who cares?
    All I'm saying is that I'm very eager to play this with other people on EMC (hopefully kick some butt on it ;)) and I hope it'll be fun!

    In order to play you need
    1. Hamachi
    2. A working computer
    3. A minecraft account
    4. Courage, as I think PvP (or Survival Games) Pros might join.
    5. I don't know why I'm still typing this.

    So, if you want to join, send me a PM and I will whitelist you and send the IP + Hamachi Network.

    Questions and Answers:
    Q: Why are you doing this?
    A: It's fun.

    Q: Do you just want attention?
    A: No, I just want to combine the 2 things I love most in Minecraft, EMC and Survival Games.

    Q: Will you play?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will you kick my butt?
    A: Probably, yes.
  2. I would join, if I had Hamichi and I could actually get on minecraft (Homework).
    Good luck to all that play though.
  3. Edit: I originaly stated in the Main Post that I had never seen this map before, but I now know I have alot of times before.
    Awkward moment :p

    2 more Edits: Wow, Ninja'd.
    And also, since I forgot we're having a birthday party for my brother wich starts in 1 hour and I'm gonna have to take a shower now and might not get to play before it, this might happen in 1-2 hours instead.
  4. Good luck with your homework, we all know it's more important than games.
  5. Wait, Homework is more important then Games? /kill
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  6. I'm surprised noone has entered yet, actually...
    I have time for 15-30 minutes now, setting up the server is 99% done and only needs a few more seconds to be done. :p
  7. I would join... if my friend hadn't discouraged me from using hamachi...
  8. Do you know why he doesn't want you to use it?
    There's nothing wrong with it, no viruses if that's what he/she thinks.
  9. He thinks it's a hacking device or something like that (Cheats or something. I should ask him...)
  10. Then I'll tell you that it's not.

    If anyone would like to join RIGHT NOW, PM me or make a post here quick.
    We currently have noone but me, but the server is up and running.
    I also set up a tiny 4-player arena to wait in. :)