(Survey) Statues of Staff

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Parkerjv, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hey,
    As some of you may know, I built a giant statue of Aikar on smp4, 8433 :D
    I'm thinking about building another statue of a staff member, but I can't decide which one. Post which one you think I should make next! :)
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  2. Maybe this statue will please Aikar... for now.

  3. ALL of them!
  4. Sorry, I can't possibly make all of them :p
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  5. I hope so....
    Otherwise he wont let you all into his obsidian box OR share his chips during the creeper apocalypse.
    I however already have chips and my own box........so yeah.
  6. Before I built the statue, I asked Aikar for permission. I said ok, so I built it. Why would he dislike me for building it?
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  7. I would make a statue of all the moderators.....
    Use like 4 utopia plots :p
  8. Maybe he will hold off... ruining the economy.... for a while....
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  9. LOL
  10. Make ICC, but as a cow.
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  11. I'll try to :p
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  12. *maybe*
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  13. So far I'm thinking about building IcecreamCow. Should I? :/
  14. Either Icecreamcow or JustinGuy
  15. Since I'm a lazy person ( :p ) I'm building staff with "simpler" skins