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  1. I (PenguinDJ) am opening a mall at 11100 on smp5. I want to make the mall as customer-friendly as possible., so I have created a quick survey to let me do just that. I have sections picked out, but if you want to make suggestions there's a box at the bottom. I may change the survey around a little but please only submit one response per person. In addition, you may find yourself a small "gift" (Probably a couple hundred rupees or some diamonds if you complete the survey.


    Click here for the survey!
  2. Sent a response! :) Hope my answers help.
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  3. If the questions are for item frames, I suggest using the items that worst represent each category so your guests have no trouble locating obscure items or items that fit multiple categories. For example: if ink is not on display, people might check "materials," "mob drops," and "dye."
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  4. Bump! Thanks for the good responses so far.