Survey- Concerns of Texting

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Does texting using abbreviations like "brb" and "idk" affect how well you do in school?

Poll closed Nov 26, 2012.
Yes 3 vote(s) 18.8%
No 12 vote(s) 75.0%
Not Sure 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. In about every online multiplayer game that I had played, I have seen people using the abbreviations that I have been in concern of for many months now. Any other thoughts?
  2. OMG Like LOL this is totally not awesome, JK
    BRB, I have to like do something, TTYL

    I have learned to only use these ^ in EMC, or online, never in my schoolwork.
  3. Im not sure that it effects how well you do, but from what i have seen, those people definitely arent doing as well as people who spell out full words. The only one that doesnt fit what i said is lol, as its basically just an acknowledgement, not an abbreviation anymore.
  4. I only created this thread to see how players on this server, using their chatting method affect them outside of any games that they played. But I learned much more accurate information from you. Thank you very much! The texting system should be okay as long as one gets confused between with "U" as in the word "You" and "U" as in part of name of Nintendo's Wii U home console.:)
  5. Essay:
    y skool shuld be band from places

    Skool should bee band from places cos it's lik really ilk bad and stuff and ilk yeh lol, i dont like it and i reckon its where all those dards hate so yeh. you gotta be a pretty indie hipster to lik skool so yah, cya xoxo

    I personally don't think abbreviations like.. that^ change anything in your schoolwork. I mean, who can imagine someone handing that in?
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  6. Who would even think about doing abbreviations in school work?
  7. Idk, rofl.
  8. my math teacher allows us to use them to an extent, idk is the only one i use in school, but the girls in the class, if you saw their papers you would be like, HOW DO I EVEN READ THIS!!???