Supreme Commander 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by fluffinator09, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I have been playing this game near nonstop the past week, but I do not know anyone ho has it. Does anyone on this site posses it? If so let me know here because I really would like to play with friendly people for once.

    If you want to know more about the game then look here for some screens! And here for the site!

  2. I own it and played it quite a bit, though I'm not as big of a fan of it as the first one. The 2nd seems like they made it easier / less time consuming to appeal to a wider audience.

    I completely understand why they did, but I'm still a fan of the massive game that was the first one.
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  3. I never actually got the first one. I have doubled my play time in the last week, as I have been on an RTS kick recently.
    Would you be interested in playing?
  4. The first one is much more of a RTS for rts players. Along the lines of sins of a solar empire.

    As far as playing, maybe this weekend if I have free time.
  5. Darn, I will be gone till Sunday afternoon :(
  6. I was all over SOASE when it came out! Good times, especially if you played along with friends in the same room :)

    I "owned" a cracked SupComm2 with which I had a good deal of fun. Not having played the first one, I wouldn't be in position to compare them, but all I can tell is that as a form of token of gratitude, I actually bought the game later, when I wasn't playing it anymore :D.
  7. You owned a cracked version of a $6 game?!:p
  8. Would you be interested in playing this weekend? I am just dying to play this with someone I know!