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  1. if i am going to donate for gold supporter... can i just simply when i want dont support anymore?
    and if have 2 residences and im not going to support anymore will i keep the 2 residences or do i loose one?
    and if i have a res in utopia and im not going to donate anymore? i cant get there anymore?
  2. You don't donate, you "subscribe" as a supporter. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

    Currently, you get to keep all your residences (I believe) but this is planned to change in the future.

    I don't know for Utopia, but from what I've heard, only the Utopia wild/nether are blocked for non-supporters...
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  3. I set mine up as a recurring bill, in case I forgot to pay. It can easily be canceled.

    If you change or cancel your subscription, your res will remain temporarily. The derelict policy is handled manually, when a res is needed. It is not automatic.

    Utopia town is open to everyone. Utopia wild is available only to gold and diamond members.
  4. Same time!