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  1. Why is it that Iron Supporters can not have 2 residences and golds have 3. Why is it that it goes from 2 straight to 4 with diamond supporters. I know that The Mods, Senior staff, Staff, and Owners have more things on there mind right now since 1.3 came out. But as a thought in the future to give all Supporters multiple residences even Irons.
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  2. Makes sense.If you're suggesting them to add the residences like : User:1,Iron:2,Gold:3 and Diamond:4 why not put it in the suggestion box? :p
  3. Thats the thing i did not know where to place this type of question
  4. I agree with you even though i dont donate it still is a good thought to bring up!
  5. I would actually get Iron if it gave 2 res :p Gold and Diamond are too expensive (For an unemployed person like me) and it doesn't give anything that I'd want besides more residences and hiding from map.
  6. i was thinking but if they gave all supporters multiple residences then they would have to make something different from iron to gold instead of just another residence
  7. There in lies your answer. That 5-10$ jump difference only includes 400r and 1 res if what you suggest is approved. As a former gold I think that that is not worth it and I think that becoming an Iron saves money and still gives you a ton of value. Also it would probably open up the Utopia wild/nether/residences to Iron as well as the only reason Diamond and Gold have access to it is because they can have more than one res making it not a silly idea to have a store on the most underpopulated (next to smp6) server.
  8. Gold only gets 2 residences as is.

    Supporting EMC is just that. Any extra stuff is merely Perks.
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  9. Any other thought should be placed on the suggestion box part of this post since i made one now
  10. Moved this thread and deleted the other.
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  11. I Forgot About Utopia and they could just keep that to diamonds and gold as an incentive for the extra money being donated
  12. Thanks
  13. Well lets see how many responses i get in the morning
  14. I also forgot about the rupee difference in it pretty much just doubled in what Buiscutboy said above.
  15. The reason, at least I thought, that Diamond members got upgraded to four instead of three is because of this: You could pay $20 for diamond on one account and get 3 residences. OR, you could have two minecraft names, donate $10 on each for gold, and get 4 residences. Of course, not everyone has 2 minecraft accounts.
  16. Signatures with videos are annoying.

    Diamond is 2x gold with regard to money paid to EMC, and bonuses gotten (pretty much). Gold is 2x Iron (sorta). The main benefit of Iron supporter is extra rupees and guaranteed login (well, and a number of other benefits I am not going to mention because I am too lazy to look them up).
  17. With how little people are on now, it seems EVERYONE is guaranteed a spot..

    Iron's main thing is more rupees and being able to hide from the live map. No second res is needed.
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  19. Thank you gents. Yeah, I see no need for change.