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  1. Hello everyone,
    i am just wondering why it is that when you become a supporter that they will charge your account each month, now what i was actually wondering is if you can only buy it for one month and not be charged the next. so basically having no problems to cancel next month payment or not having to cancel at all.
    This is one of the only reason i am not becoming a suporter and i am sure i am not the only one.

    Thanks :)
  2. Well right after you get your supporter upgrade if you only want it for a month you can go back to the "upgrades" section of the website and cancel subscription. Now you will only be a supporter for that month and will not be charged every month.
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  3. Sweet, thats awesome

    Thanks :)
  4. No problem ;)
    Glad I could help :)
  5. As of right now in the policy it is that if you loose your supporter rank you keep your residences so you don't have to worry about scrambling to move everything. Have fun!
  6. what do you mean ??
  7. Like when you decided to cancel your membership recurring you will keep all your residences so gold have 2 I believe. They will be able to keep their 2 residences even when they become a regular player again.