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  1. I recently donated 20$ to empirecraft. Wouldn't that make me a supporter, because I don't come up as one.
  2. I think it was a miss understanding. Donating is a one time thing and the only "reward" is rupees. You do this from the rupees section. Supporter upgrades are the ones that cost $5,$10,$20 and they all have rewards increasing with each level:

    If you would like me to take back the 7,200 rupees you got for donating and instead give you a month of Diamond I would be happy to :)
  3. yeah this does look like a Big miss understanding well hope you sort it out :0
  4. with a moth of diamond, what could I do?
  5. Diamond supporters get 4 residences, 1300 rupees a day, TNT usage, /map hide, no dereliction, and much more. You can see perks of being a supporter here.
  6. i recommend diamond :)
  7. Mhm. D club is the way to go.
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  8. 'nough said i think
  9. Diamond, diamond. Flash baby :)
  10. what about 2x Gold?
  11. Diamond, duh.
  12. Unless you managed to get a free alt, you would be paying $26 dollars more. AND you wouldn't get TNT.
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  13. or u could keep the rupees
  14. The rupees who only like 7.2k why keep the 7.2k when you can get like 40k with a month of diamond?
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  15. so when the diamond ended, i would loose my 4 residences?
  16. There is no system to derelict supporter lots when you cancel your subscription yet. Justin is working on this but you can keep your lots until he implements it. He will give you a warning before this is implemented.
  17. choose diamond... u can have 7000 fast with diamond suporter :p
  18. well if that is possible it seams that diamond is the way to go! can anyone do this for me?
  19. Justin can take back the rupees you paid for and swap you to gold with the money you paid. A diamond subscription is worth $20
  20. You need to start a conversation with JustinGuy.