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  1. This is my second chance, for those of you who don't know. I want to buy gold or diamond supporter. At the same time I am fearing of being banned again. So should I buy it? And if I do, which one?
  2. Yes, of course, to support EMC.
    And as always, breaks no rules, and you will have no fears of being banned :)
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  3. Get Diamond/Gold
    Also, you will only get banned again if you do something very bad such as kill a player. But If you behave you can become the next AlexChance.
    If you need anything I can give you whatever you want, Rupees, Items, anything.
  4. First off, you should have made a poll. Second, I suggest buying diamond. If you are worried about a ban all you have to do is read the rules and be nice, not that hard. subscriptions can be canceled.
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  5. I would say probably go for Diamond if you know you want have 4 reses, or just go Gold and have fun with friends :p Either way, this might be your second chance, but you are human (hopefully) and we make mistakes. :3
  6. Using the like system for things like votes is not allowed, since people can use it to get likes on posts that may not "deserve" them. I'd suggest you make a new thread, or have a mod edit a poll into this one. :)
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  7. I forgot to add poll. I was pressing post thread when I said, oh man, I forgot to put a thread
  8. Might want to ask a mod to delete this thread and have a redo.
  9. I've deleted your posts asking for likes, as that's not allowed. :)

    I advise you to use a poll instead, and I'm locking this thread.
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