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  1. I am considering buying a supporter upgrade, but was wondering if it bills monthly on its own, or will I need to re-purchase it each month?
  2. That is what I am wondering myself. I want to become an Iron supporter strictly for the reserved slot feature, but it will get tedious if I have to re-purchase every month.
  3. From my experience it re-bills every month. You can cancel anytime if you don't want to be billed for the next month, or want to upgrade/downgrade. If you have any problems, you can also send a message to an admin and they'll help you out.
  4. It will be set up as an auto Paypal transaction. At least that's how it works for me.
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  5. OK, thanks for clarifying.
  6. On a similar note then, if I pay for a month then cancel my subscription, will it run to the end of the month? And then, if at the end of that month I choose not to continue as a supporter, what happens to my other residences /stuff on other servers? Will they be held in case I decide to come back as a supporter, just with me being unable to use them?
  7. I can't answer that one because I've only been a supporter for a couple months and haven't had any need or desire to let my support lapse.
  8. I am just worried about suddenly not having th funds due to some unforseen circumstance, and having to cancel for a bit while I get things back in order only to come back and find it all gone.
  9. My advice (take it for what it's worth) would be to be proactive if you know you won't be able to support for a few months. For example, use the vault and move everything to chests on your primary residence. True, your hard work/play of building will be lost but some folks tear everything down to make space for new projects quite a lot. At least the vault will save you from losing anything of value outside of the actual workmanship of your constructions.
  10. It runs for one month after you make the payment even if you stop the subscription.

    This is mine below

    You have an active Gold Supporter subscription. Your next bill date will be Mar 17, 2012.
    Cancel Subscription
  11. All info here is correct, an automatic debit is set up when you subscribe, but if you cancel subscription after paying, you still get the supporter benefits for the entire month, many players do this to control their finances manually. You can then repeat the process for the next month.
    If you stop being a supporter, we wont claim your extra residences automatically, but will probably contact you after a few days to find out your future intentions in regards to supporter status, and proceed from there.