Supporter supscription cancellations

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  1. Im thinking about becoming a gold supporter for a couple of months to earn a couple extra rupees but need to know if me subscription can be cancelled easily.

    Is this here request possible if so, please reply

    Peace out -.- posted by Good old Mammothchilli
  2. It can be cancelled with one click and is cancelled the same day. Once you become a supporter you will find a big button at the top of the Upgrades page to cancel. Additionally if you don't trust us cancelling it you can cancel easily through PayPal :)
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  3. Mad! Probably gonna get that membership for meself soon as!!
  4. That's good to know. I don't know if my fiance' (or my budget for that matter) will let me be diamond supporter at the moment, but I would like to go gold for a while. :)
  5. Also when you cancel it it does finish out the month(s) you payed for, damn crook servers who don't
  6. Yeah, and it seems like it gets you a bit extra, I want to resubscribe diamond this month (cancelled because I was going to switch to gold but have changed my mind) and the upgrades page says:

    Your active Diamond Supporter upgrade will expire on Yesterday.