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  1. i think the supporter system does need a bit of a revamp and maybe we can brainstorm some ideas together

    i dont know the numbers on this but i rarely see anyone iron anymore which is cutting out a huge chunk of people who want to donate in small numbers monthly. the main perk of iron was maphide and now thats gone so something should replace it.

    a few ideas i have had in the past regarding this:

    uses of fly in regular town for an hour a day. iron 1 gold 2 diamond 4: flying on utopia is nice and all but noone lives there and even fewer build anything worthwhile there. i want to be able to fly when im building things and i dont think it would really affect anything. to be fair enchanting table particles could be activated when you do it so you can cheat at like events.

    uses of a single chest frontier vault with diamond getting unlimited access iron getting like 10 per day and gold getting 25: it wouldnt really be op since it really only makes your ender chest a dc instead of an sc and it can only be used in frontier so for the most part you are going to have to travel a distance to move mined goods back and forth.

    a short range compass leading to dragon tombs when released: and since supporters are supposed to have early access to things maybe they can point to them before the release date so people can plan: my idea regarding this is higher supporter levels would work from a further distance.

    finally a toggleable group pvp system. yeah we can turn it on and off in the arenas but why not in the wild? what if i wanna make a really cool pvp arena in the wild with like spawners and stuff too for added fun? the idea would be that higher level supporters could add more people to the group and only those in the group with one another could pvp. like 2 people at iron so you can duel 5 with gold and 10 with diamond for all out brawls these groups would have a message like _____ has invited you to a pvp group
  2. any ideas? criticisms guys?
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  3. i like this idea a lot and think EMC could have the potential to go far with it.

    Lets say Player A wants to PvP in the wild. They do a command to turn PvP on (only turns it on for Player A, not anyone else). They want to play with Player B, and Player C. Player B wants to join. Player B would also do the command to enable PvP for themself. So now Player A and Player B are all setup. Now, Player C doesn't want to PvP. Player C simply says "I just want to watch, so I'll sit out for now". Player C does not type the command, thus kepping PvP Disabled for himself. Player A and Player B can PvP and have all the fun they want, while Player C is also doing what they want. Everyones happy.
  4. The ability to toggle pvp is genius. It lets everyone do what they want without bothering people that don't want to be bothered.
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  5. Not sure I'd welcome any of these ideas "as-is" but some of them seem like the basis for good perks. :)
    I think trying to "time" flight usage would be more complicated than it's worth. Instead, just give Diamond supporters town flight across the board (all SMPs) but couple that with a /fly flag that is set to "Off" by default. This way, someone working on their own res can turn on flight if they wish, but won't mess with parkour or other "off-limits" areas.
    -I realize I'm not the first to suggest /fly as a flag, I just feel it would be necessary and go hand-in-hand with such a perk.

    In principle, I'm not exactly in favor of vault use in the wild, but even I have to admit it'd be nice to ship damaged gear home for repair, or supply materials from the /waste without having to make the trip back to town (simply not feasible for long-distance outposts). So, my suggestions to this idea:
    "/vault wild", set to the single-chest size you suggest. Rather than limiting it to a set number of uses, attach a higher rupee cost to it - say, 500r for opening in the frontier and wastelands. Make this feature available to all levels of supporter (Iron-Gold-Diamond).
    -Making it unavailable in town is a notion, I suppose, but in practice you'd have people /vaulting things in from one server, doing a quick /waste or /wild teleport from town to retrieve, and then bouncing back to /town, without even leaving the protected area. May as well just allow /town usage.

    I like this as a concept, if not as a perk. A "Dragon Compass" you could craft from fragments or stones would be pretty awesome. I wouldn't advocate making the functional distance a supporter perk though, since this seems like something that should be kept on a level playing field. Being a supporter won't help you in the Tomb, why should it help you find one?

    I'm just flat-out against this, for a few reasons.
    -EMC still advertises itself largely as a non-PVP server. Some members feel even the PVP Arenas on SMP6 are a betrayal of this. Opening further PVP avenues would lead to more resentment and possibly more players quitting (the last thing we need is another rift in the community).
    -The current PVP situation, via the arenas, is the safest and most controlled environment you could get, which keeps things light and risk-free. You know exactly what you're doing when you step in one of those boxes, and it's completely by choice. A 'PVP Group' option runs the risk of /inviting someone who just wants to join for fun / chat purposes, and getting killed by unwittingly opting into the action as well. That is the path to butthurt.
    -In the same "risk-free/control" vein, you could open up a lot of problems by either omitting the code to make PVP risk-free (dropped/damaged items), or exploits (using PVP mode in PVE to avoid dropping items or damaging gear). Imagine a crew in a PVP group dropping a Difficulty 10 Wither or Momentus without any damage to their armor or weapons - one possible scenario of many, I'm sure.

    But what I would support is making /group a functioning service in the PVP arenas. Imagine if the group leader can set /group team [color/#]
    -Once in the arena, anyone in that group would have their nametag change in color to reflect their team (Red or Blue being obvious choices). Team/Groupmates cannot deal damage to each other, only an opposing team or un-grouped player.
    -The nametag color reverts to normal upon exiting the arena.
    -Just as an aside, arenas should be able to set respawn points so that getting killed doesn't boot you back to your town bed, or spawn.
  6. 1. my idea was more of a localised vault that was server specific. essentially it would only make another enderchest like storage unit giving you a dc of storage on the frontier that was essentially safe from harm.
    2. the idea is making it where supporters (who as i said before are supposed to have early access to things released) have an easier time of finding one. its not exactly a op perk because they would have to invite other people out anyways to begin the instance in the first place, but it opens up the opportunity for things liek tomb finding buisnesses.
    3. the idea was to make it where only supporters could activate these kind of groups meaning a few things for one the person is less likely to be a new player looking for easy kills to steal peoples stuff. as another it isnt entirely common (atleast at the moment) for supporters to want to pvp and to want to pvp at that moment.

    the obvious answer is that there would obviously have to be very obvious warnings about the pvp groups maybe even a warning when you get invited and then even after that you still have to toggle pvp on. i feel like the risk of this being abused is small enough where its really going to entice the players that love pvp and emc and wish for more then having to lug stuff over to smp6. my idea is just a happy median i think but someone else might have a more detailed and thought out idea then my musings