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  1. Quick question: Once you get Diamond or Gold supporter status, do you keep the residences after it has expired? Ie: If you bought Diamond Supporter status for two months, would you keep the residences after you have gone on three months and you are no longer a diamond supporter, or does it become Derelict?

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  2. As of now you keep the reses until you as a player go derelict, then they are all reclaimable.
  3. Ok, cool! So it will be like only having one res. I want to be a supporter to, well, support the server, but I dont have much $$$ to rationalize it.
  4. As long as you keep you player active by logging in or voting, you will always be able to keep your extra residences.
  5. Also, can you pay with two debit cards at once (I Have a bunch of visa giftcards that work like regular debit cards but have less than $20 on each)
  6. I recommend just going diamond for one month, adds a bit of $$ to your pocket plus you get the 4 residences but it just a one time payment and you get 4 res's forever
  7. I can't directly help you, but IcecreamCow can. He will be able to inform you about what is/isn't acceptable as payment.
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  8. Yea, your best bet is either getting diamond for a small period of time and downgrading, but still be active. :p
    I myself get my supportership because I spend my allowance on it >_<

    And, the visa cards... well. Maybe, but I would get a pay pal account and deposit money into it so you can just have it all there to spend. :)
  9. Thanks to everyone for their answers, it helped a lot!