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  1. So I am currently thinking about becoming a Gold or Diamond supporter, but I have a couple questions.

    1. Once you claim multiple residences, if you stop being a supporter, do you lose those residences, or do you get to keep them?

    2. If I start being a supporter in the middle of the month, will it run out exactly one month after I started, or on January 1rst?

    It would be great if I could get these questions answered soon, cause I want to start working on my new residences while I have time off school.
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  2. 1. no, You keep your res
    2. It will run out exaktly one month after....
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  3. ^^ There is your answer, my young, regular.
  4. Currently you will keep your residences, Aikar is thinking about changing that if we get more populated. I am not currently positive about the next question, I will wait for someone else to answer that.
  5. Okay, thanks guys! Is Diamond worth it?
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  6. It runs out exactly 1 month after it so: you pay on 12th of December it will run out > 12 of January. I have had times where its say the 13th and it should have expired but didn't because of the Timezone gap. There are also errors where the system forgets to change your group and it says:
    'Your supporter runs out: Yesterday' but after the second day your back to normal.
    And you ask:
    'What about cancelling it?'
    Then you can after purchase > upgrade > cancel support. Note: These leaves you for your month but wont renew.
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  7. It depends on what you might use. I needed the 4 res', and TNT is fun to use. More rupees are good too.
  8. If you have two accounts, get gold on both. You actually net 100r more a day, and it gives you more freedom to AFK. You can AFK grind or stand near a farm on one, and use the other to do anything else.
  9. I do have access to an alt, but my computer can't handle having two Minecrafts running at the same time since its only a laptop.
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