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Is this a good ideas

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  1. I know EMC is already redoing the supporter ship and they are bumping up the prices
    I think they should add more ranks per month like zombie is 5 dollar a month spider 10 ,skeleton 15, so on

    Also with the old supporter ranks I think that they should break up all the perks of each rank then put them in the mob ranks so like zombie gets 500 rupee sign in bonus the spider gets that and another add perk

    Some people may only get diamond for the rupees with other get it for the perks

    So over all I think EMC should make a rank for each perk then people can chose more and get only want they want

    So with this people pay 10 dollars for what they want instead of 20 dollars for only half it want they want if people only pay for what they want they will continue to buy that rank so EMC can get more money to add more awesome features

    If u agree with me reply to this thread
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  2. the reason why they are changing the supporters is coz the new Mojang Server Rules, so there will be no more ingame perks that non supporters cant get.
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  3. All your ideas are pretty cool, and it's good people are thinking hard about this topic :)
    However this would be illegal. With the new Mojang EULA changes, All ranks will have to get the same sign in bonus.

    I think EMC was already planning something like this previously. It was something like, You would select perks from a list, and each perk you select would add x amount of dollars to the cost of your supportership.
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  4. Yep, they can't give more daily rupees, restrict TNT or anything like that.
  5. I think there has been a little conversation in the other thread about breaking up the Supporter perks into more categories or being able to pay for individual perks. I like the idea as a customer being able to just buy the perks I am interested in, but I think it would be very hard to administrate. Maybe there is room for three or four classes, or something similar, instead of just two.

    If you want to encourage more Supporter classes like this, I would re-write the idea and submit it on the other thread after removing the parts that do not conform to the new EULA. It would probably be a good idea to read through it (all 19 pages of literary goodness) first so you know what has already been discussed and are well prepared to support your ideas.

    Here's the thread: