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  1. So my parents wont let me renew my gold membership with my money because they think it's a waste. Anyone know what I should do to convince them to let me renew it?
  2. That sucks. Although if it were me I would convince that It would make me play less because it would make stuff I do go by quicker.
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  3. Resistance is futile... Fighting them on it really won't help you out. Just try again in a couple months
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  4. offer to do some more chores around the house or something. They probably want you to save your money so tell them that you will save the money that you have currently and then earn some extra to pay for gold. Think of it this way, its technically only 33-34 cents per day to play emc gold supporter. If you cut down on your soda consumption by replacing 1 out of 4 sodas with water, it would pay for gold...

    That or offer to do the laundry in exchange for money left in pockets, you'll be rolling in change in no time.
  5. Simpel, Earn the money somehow and pay them :)
  6. Theres a good demand for kidneys out on the black market. Just saying.
  7. I'm still trying to convince my mum to buy me gold :/ I just look for loose change around the house and when the time comes and going to turn it all into pounds and add into my mum's bank account to let her pay for it. I am going to start getting donations for my new plugin i'm making though, so that'll help me alot.
    Do you have any coding experience? You could make a mod and get donations off it.
  8. I assume that your profile stating you are 22 is not correct. Well it's hard to throw out suggestions when I don't know how old you are. If you are very young, perhaps a paper route would be good. If you're high-school age, it's about time to get a (at least) part time job. So all of my suggestions are, in so many words, get a job, or work more. You should be able to get a prepaid visa and take care of your own subscription.
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  9. Its just another one of those kids, lying about there age.
  10. Here's a hard way
    have a mom like me :p
  11. We do that for a reason, not because "We feel like it"
    Mine says I'm 15 because if I had told EMC I was 11 they might have not excepted me, Other servers are so rude that they wont let kids on their server, Don't make assumptions.
  12. I wasn't making an assumption, I was just pointing out that he should of read that you can play under the age of 13 if he has parental supervision. He may or may not have that, so I guess he didn't do anything wrong, because he might of really wanted to play on EMC so he lied about his age. I could be totally wrong.
  13. Mine did say I was 18 because I chose my age as 11 and they didn't let me in. I chose the wrong date, and it made me 18. I turned 12 and they began to accept people who were any age and I asked Justin to change my DOB, and the message got swept away in his other inbox messages.
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  14. Im 12, so close to 13 :)