[Support] My Drop Key is Dropping Too Much!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by ThePinda2, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. For some reason, whenever I press the drop key ONCE, I get the whole stack of items in my hand dropped onto the ground. And, no, my keyboard is not bad.

    Things that I've done:
    Upgrade and Downgrade Java.
    Upgrade and Downgrade JWJGL.
    Uninstall ALL mods.
    Start with a completely fresh Minecraft.
    Change my drop key to D, and back to Q.

    Upon searching Google, I didn't find many reports about what I should do, so I'm asking for your guy's help!
  2. The Q key?
  3. Yes, the Q key. I use D, but whatever.
  4. Are you pressing ctrl for any reason?
    Pressing ctrl makes you drop a full stack.
  5. No, just pressing the drop key, ctrl is not touched.
  6. If you do press ctrl, do you only throw one?
  7. No, I still throw the whole stack...
  8. try deleting the MC icon, and re download it. I have a problem, where when i click on a chest, it acts like a shift click the item, and the only way i can fix the bug is to exit out of MC.
  9. Normally, all bugs involving the keyboard can be fixed by pressing Right Shift.
  10. Ok, Ill see if that works.
  11. Try turning sticky keys on then off again.
  12. Or just off for good. Hate sticky keys...