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  1. Lately I have seen this:

    Auction- DC of dirt
    Start: 1000
    Minimal Increase: 500
    Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid

    ok so some players may think, "oh, I must do 1500 because it says 1000 and to increase 500"

    That is not how it works, if Jimmy bids 1089r and wins 24 hours later but the auction host JB says that it is invalid that he must bid 1500r because the starting bid was 1000r so he did not win, than JB would be incorrect and Jimmy actually won the auction, but some players may believe the auction host JB and lose out on their cheap win.

    Hopefully players will understand this, not as good as official things our friend JB actually posts, but it might do.
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  2. Why would anyone pay 1000 rupees for a DC of dirt-- wait nvm... I remember the nine DC of dirt auction.
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  3. I was using an example xD
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  5. I don't understand, how is that valid? :confused:
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  6. Yeah that auction wasn't valid... but its in the past.
  7. The auction rules have gone through progressive changes in the past when the need arises. At the time of this particular auction I think any double chests amount of items were able to be auctioned as long as they contained at least 1 enchanted item. :)
  8. No, I don't mean that. :p This:
    But I think Amused just mixed the names around. :)
  9. Ahh didn't even think of that. My bad.
  10. Where are the auction rules?
  11. Under auction section. Sorry for no link, im lazy :3
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