Suppliers Needed :)

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  1. I know I post a lot, which is bad, but Im hoping to stop fir a bit after this thread ( Sorry, I know how annoying it is )
    I need suppliers for my mall.
    Options, we will agree on prices once the orders are complete :):

    Supplier I [Open] [Open]
    Diamond Ore
    Block Of Diamond

    Supplier II [Open] [Open]
    Gold Ore
    Block of Gold

    Supplier III [Open] [Open]
    Iron Ore
    Block of Iron

    Supplier IV [Open] [Open]
    Coal Ore
    Block of Coal

    Supplier V [Open] [Closed]
    Cooked Chicken
    Cooked Fish
    Cooked Porkchop
    Cooked Rabbit
    Cooked Mutton
    Rabbit Stew
    Raw Beef
    Raw Chicken
    Raw Fish
    Raw Porkchop
    Raw Rabbit
    Raw Mutton
    Rotten Flesh
    Cooked Porkchops
    Baked Potato

    Supplier VI [Open] [Closed]
    Beetroot Soup
    Melon Slice
    Mushroom Stew
    Poisonous Potato
    Pumpkin Pie
    Red Apple
    Rabbit Stew
    Rotten Flesh
    Spider Eye

    Im hoping to have a SC by the end of the week ( will give more time with ores ) but tell me what you can supply and we'll agree on a price :)
    Supplier V: DatFoxMan
    Supplier VI: HelloKittyRo

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  2. I can maybe help out with the supplier 5, I won't be on until Sunday but starting then I could help out a bit
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  3. I'll help with the last one :)
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