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  1. Does anyone need a supplier...i am running a bit low on money (30K).. and i need some more .. i can supply you with anything just about.. PM me if you need anything or would like for me to be your supplier :)
  2. I need smooth stones & sands
    I will pay 32r for a stack of smooth stone
    and 20r for a stack of sand
  3. I need LOTS of cobble, 100 stacks?
  4. what smp you on
  5. i have a couple stacks i could get rid of... stop by my res on smp9 do /v MeVoid cause i moved lots
  6. Ok, is there anyway you could supply like 2 double chests over 2 weeks?
  7. Im looking for a wood supplier.

    Paying 75r a stack.

    Im on SMP1.
  8. I can start supplying you tomorrow with all the logs except jungle.
  9. I've set up chests at 1783 SMP1 for logs to be sold in.

    If they are ful contact me or happyshopper and we will make them "unfilled" with maaagic! :D
  10. Allrighty then :cool:
  11. I buy everything at 4005 SMP2 :)
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  12. i buy everything at 4269 :D ^
  13. No but I LITERALLY buy everything ;)
  14. I am in need of a log supplier