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  1. Hey all!
    It's mr Pokemon here and i am a pokemon master! However being a master does NOT pay well. SO i am offering up my services in gathering elements from the wild. Things such as sand, smooth stone, iron, really anything. Please go ahead and post a reply if you have money and need supplies!
    IPokemonI smp1 2337
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  2. Mfw doesn't have any money for first time in months
  3. You can supply many items to 4445 on smp2 if you want to check it out. :)
  4. Supply to my mega mall in 6681 (smp3). Is all buy and sell so stock it!
  5. Same goes for 4005 on SMP2. Re-opening in a day or 2 and pays really well :)
  6. I will buy some sponge, dragon eggs and bedrock :) 1r per. Joking just some ores of all kind, logs of all kind (No planks)
  7. Feel free to sell items to 3004 on smp2 as well.
  8. You can also sell your stuff on smp9 18769
  9. 4266 on smp2 will be glad to buy your items :)
  10. Go to 2315 read signs nice easy job for a lot of money