[Supplier Needed] Nether Items

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  1. Hey EMC..

    I am looking for a supplier of nether products, for creating potions. I need various things, and you will see the list I need below. The supplier I'm looking for would have to be trustworthy, prompt on orders, patient, and lastly flexible- both time and payment wise.

    I have not come up with a pricing list of what I'm willing to pay for each of the items, though I am very flexible of pricing to a certain point. I am willing to buy SC's currently of each item (though I may want to buy more or less) listed below.

    I am wishing that all of those who are looking to supply my potions shop to PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    The list of ingredients I'm buying...
    -Glowstone/Glowstone Dust
    -Fermented Spider Eye
    -Magma Cream
    -Glistering Melon
    -Spider Eye
    -Ghast Tear
    -Blaze Powder
    -Golden Carrot

    Thanks, and I look forward to working with you all! :)
  2. I can sell you an sc of glowstone dust
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  3. I can get glowstone for you.
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  4. Great! :D What are you charging for a stack, and what are you charging for a SC?
  5. Glowstone at 16r per block.
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  6. Woah.... That's a bit expensive.... it costs 1024 per stack... :O
  7. Look around some mega malls. I'll match the price of any store that's in stock.
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  8. I'll do that :) though I can't get in game till this weekend.
  9. Bump... Come on guys, I need suppliers!!!
  10. Come on guys!! Bump!
  11. I can set up a nether wart farm i guess, how much you need?
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